Nitty Gritty on our Tours to Colombia & Albania 

Rise & Shine & Ride tours in Colombia 

Coffee Region tour is a 13 day cycling tour starting in Bogota and transferring to the Coffee Region for 10 days of cycling and one flex day.

Colombian Highlands Region is a 13 day cycling tour starting in Bogota and riding from Bogota north to the Boyaca region and back for 9 days of cycling and 2 flex days. 


2020 Dates:  Coffee Region*  Only accepting groups (flexibility in dates available)

Colombian Highlands Region* Only accepting groups (flexibility in dates available) 


Pricing: Coffee Region

$2,800 USD based on 12 people.

Pricing: Colombian Highlands Region

$2,500 USD based on 12 people. 


Albanian Tour 


A Bicycle Tour of Southern Albania is a 13 day tour starting in Tirana and transferring to Elbasan for 9 days of cycling plus a flex day.


2020 Dates: August 31 - September 12, 2020 - New dates  

September 14 - 26, 2020 - now open for registration


Pricing:  $1,750 USD based on 12 people


About the Money

As a Canada-based company, we are currently processing credit cards in Canadian $$ and will use a converter to determine the USD equivalent.  This may result in a slight variance from the prices listed here.  Payments may also be made by cheque or money order in USD. 

There is a $200 USD surcharge if the number of participants is less than 12.  Our minimum number for a tour is 8 and our maximum is 14 (16 if there are no single rooms).   

The registration fee is payable in installments: 

Coffee Region

Colombian Highlands Region



You can withdraw at any time, but there is no refund of what you have paid.  In some cases, we may be able to substitute a rider, but there will be a surcharge for any additional expenses (eg change in airline tickets).

Bicycle Rentals for Colombia are available for $300 USD for hybrids, and $350 for road bikes.  Please note - only hybrids are rented for the Colombian Highlands Region trip.  When requesting a bike, please indicate the size as a measurement from top of saddle to the middle of bottom bracket and from the handlebars to the nose of the saddle.  Also, please let us know if there are any non-standard measurements.  If you rent a bicycle, we will add $100 USD to each of your 3 payments.

Bike Rentals for Albania are available for $275 USD for hybrids.  In Albania we can also arrange for rental of e-bikes ($550 USD), helmets and panniers.

Single supplements in Colombia are available for $300 USD; however, single rooms may not be available in all towns that we stay in.   If you are willing to share, we will not charge a single supplement.  If you request a single supplement, we will add $100 USD to each of your 3 payments.

Single supplements in Albania are available for $300 USD;  however, there is one location where single rooms may not be available.


Tour Includes:*


Coffee Region

Colombian Highlands Region



Water will be provided at all meals and breaks

Fruit will be provided at all breaks

Hotel Accommodation (12-13 nights)

Van Support + bilingual driver

Bilingual Tour Leaders (2 in Colombia; 1 in Albania)

Trained bicycle mechanic

Medical Travel Insurance when you are on the tour (Colombia only)


Tours and Visits:

Coffee Region

Colombian Highlands Region 




Coffee Region

Colombian Highlands Region



Route Book , maps

A customized Cycling Jersey

* for customers doing both the Coffee Region and the Colombian Highlands Region tours, hotel accommodation between the 2 tours will be included plus your airport transfer into Bogota at the end of the Coffee Region tour from the airport to our hotel.

And, if you are renting a bicycle from us, the total cost for the two tours will be $450 USD ($500 USD if you rent a Road Bike for the Coffee Region) instead of $600 USD ($650 USD if a Road Bike is rented).


Tour Excludes:

International Airfare

Airport Transfers upon arrival and for departure - these can be arranged

Colombian Visa required for Canadians (available at the airport.  approx. $88 USD payable in USD or COP, or credit card - price varies with exchange rate). 

Single Supplement ($300 USD (Colombia & Albania) – may not be available in all locations).

Bicycle Rentals ($300 USD for hybrids & $350 USD for road bikes in Colombia; $275 USD for hybrids in Albania; $550 USD for e-bikes)

Tips for Guides, Drivers and Tour Leaders

(a recommended tip for Bilingual Guides at attractions is $2-$3 USD/participant and for the Tour Team - Leaders and Van Driver - is $150 USD/participant for the Team for Colombia & $100 USD for the team in Albania) 


Bicycle and Cycling Information:

Must bring own helmet and cycling gear regardless of whether or not you are renting a bicycle.  Helmets are available to rent in Albania 

For those renting bicycles, the bicycles come with flat pedals, a small pouch under the saddle (contains puncture repair equipment – no room for anything extra), a pump, and a bicycle computer.  The rental bicycles are hybrid bikes outfitted with road tires and for Colombia Coffee Region only, carbon fibre road bikes are also available.  All of our cycling in the Coffee Region is done on paved roads.  On the Colombian Highlands Tour and there is approximately 35 km of gravel. 

And in Albania, although we are not on gravel roads, some of the roads have quite patchy pavement. 

For those renting bicycles, you can bring your own saddle and/or pedals, etc. and we will put them on the bicycle.

Please note - this rental bike is yours to use during the tour.  You may want to bring a lock with you if you think you might use the bike when not with the group - eg. on one of the flex days.  You are responsible for the safety of this bike while you are renting it.  At night, in the hotels, we have arranged for secure parking/storage of the bikes so that they do not need to be locked.

For those who wish to carry additional items on the bike, we suggest you bring either a handlebar bag which attaches to the frame, or a rear rack & pack that attaches to the seat tube, or a hydration pack that you can carry on your back. 

Panniers and racks can be rented in Albania only.

For carrying water on the bike, we recommend a hydration pack and a water bottle.  All rental bikes come equipped with at least one water bottle cage.  You need to bring your own water bottle and water will be available from the van at all stops and prior to departure every morning. 

Please note – if you rely on energy drink powder or energy bars, we recommend that you bring your own.  These are not items that are readily available in Colombia. 


Van Support: size of van varies with the size of the group

The van will accompany the tour.  The van is mainly for carring bikes and luggage.  In Colombia, the van is equipped with roof mounted racks and has a luggage area in the back.  The van can accommodate up to 75% of participants at any one time for emergencies or temporary assistance.  Additional vehicles are rented when we need to transport all the participants. 

In Albania, the bikes are transported on a trailer and we have a small sag wagon.  We use buses when we are transferring everyone.  

Once the luggage is loaded in the morning, you will not have access to your bag until we reach our destination.  For that reason, we suggest you bring a small day bag to carry things you may want access to during the day.

The van will carry water and fruit and will be helping along the route to ensure participants are staying on track.



You can cancel at any time and you will forfeit what you have paid.  There are no refunds.  In some cases, we may be able to accept a substitute rider, but there will be a surcharge for any additional expenses we incur (eg. the change of domestic airline tickets).  


Tour Limit:

We are limited by some of the hotels we stay in and the capacity of our van.  Our limit is 14 - 16 if there are no single rooms and 8 participants is our minimum number. There is a small surcharge of $150 USD if the group is under 12 people.


Necessary Forms:

Participants are required to provide us with a medical form, and a signed waiver.  You will need regular travel insurance when you come on our trips.  In Colombia, a payment insurance is provided for when you are on the tour only (as many medical facilities do not accept credit cards).  This insurance pays for any medical expenses you may incur and will apply to your travel insurance to be reimbursed.  Also, your passport must be valid for 6 months after the date of the trip.


Bring your sense of adventure and a flexible attitude with you – this tour will be an adventure to remember.


* for anyone who would like to bring a group to Colombia of 8 or more, we can tailor the dates to your needs.